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Berthing Facilities

Port Vieux is equipped with a Finger Pier that spans 500 ft (163m) long and 50ft (15m) wide that can accommodate vessels on either side. The height of the quay from the water level at low tide is 7.5 ft (2.3m) and at high tide it measures 6.5 ft (2m). The water depth alongside is 35 ft (11m).

A Lolo container berth (inclusive of a Roro ramp) 690 ft (210m) in length and the height of the quay from the water level at low tide is 8ft. (2.5m) and high tide it measures 7ft (2m). The depth of the water alongside is 35 ft. (11m).

Storage Capacity

633 TEU bottom spaces or 1899 TEU spaces stacking 3 high
40 reefer points
20 forty foot interchange slots


One (1) mobile harbour crane with automatic spreader, which has a heavy lift capacity of 80 tons.
2 - Three high stacking straddle carriers.
1 terminal tractor.
2 - Electric forklifts
3 - Diesel powered three ton forklifts
1 - Eight ton diesel forklift


The Port has two main areas indoors in which cargo is stored.  Within these areas are cargo racks, which are numbered and facilitate the disciplined hosting of cargo.  These allow for locations to be attached to cargo records thus deliveries are expedited accurately and promptly.  Cargo outside of warehouses is placed in specific zones.  All cargo is marked indicating the vessel by which they arrived, the local consignee and the date of arrival. There are two cargo sheds to warehouse the Less than Container Load (LCL) and break bulk cargo which serves the domestic market. One shed is 24,000 sqft and the other is 3,200 sqft.  An inshore 15,000 sqft. banana shed, within the port compound, and operated by WIBDECO is available and is sometimes shared during the peak Christmas season for storage of cargo. The container stacking area has 633 TEU bottom spaces and can accommodate 1899 TEU spaces stacking three high. There are twenty (20) forty-foot interchange slots complemented by 40 reefer points.


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